The Best way to Relax with-Cucumber Water

Cucumber WaterTreat yourself to a refreshing, rejuvenating drink of health. This is really too simple to be called a recipe, but it’s too amazing not to share. Every time I take a sip of this drink, I feel like I’m relaxing at a spa. Cheers to that.

 The Best way to Relax with-Cucumber Water

The Best way to Relax with-Cucumber Water
Cucumber Water
  1. 1 organic cucumber
  2. A glass of filtered water
  3. A few ice cubes


  • Wash the cucumber (peel if you so desire). Cut the cucumber in half, then slice off a few thin-ish rounds from the middle.
  • Add the cucumber slices to your glass of water, then add ice on top.
  • Sip and relax.

Make a pitcher of this with more cucumber slices for a relaxing day with friends. Enjoy the leftover cucumber in your next salad, or if you get hungry after all that refreshment, just munch on the slices from your glass 🙂


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