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Many people have a wrong notion about a heat rash. In fact most parents have believed that a red rash on the skin of their kids is a heat rash. This article on heat rash will make it easier for you to understand the things you ought to know about it.

From the word itself, a heat rash is caused by too much heat especially in children, This heat rash happens when they are over dressed, or the heat outside is too much for them to bear. As the temperature of their body rises due to extreme heat, they become sweaty and hot. As a result, their ducts of sweat are blocked causing what medical experts call as skin rapture.
If this happens, heat rash develops. There are varying types of this skin irritation called heat rash. These are as follows:
1.        Miliaria Crystallina– A kind of heat rash is similar to prickly heat. This skin rash occurs when the skin’s ducts are blocked and ruptured. Likewise, the sweat ducts are near thee skin’s surface. However, this heat rash has no inflammation. Therefore, it has no redness and symptoms as well. Lastly, this heat rash is commonly found on the neck, upper head or chest.
2.        Prickly Heat– The scientific name of this heat rash is “miliaria rubra” In this particular kind of heat rash, there is an inflammation of the sweat ducts. This inflammation causes “prickling or a “stinging kind of sensation. In addition, the prickly heat kind of skin rash might bring about mild itchiness.
Who Are Susceptible To Heat Rash?
People at at any age are susceptible to a skin irritation called as “heat rash”.

What the Signs And Symptoms Of A Heat Rash?

Heat rash has the following signs and symptoms: red bumps on the skin or prickling sensation.
What Is The Treatment For A Heat Rash?
Actually, a heat rash disappears after a few days. However, in its severe forms, it unfortunately disrupts with your body’s heat -regulating mechanism. Therefore, a heat rash might cause any of the following: fever, exhaustion from heat and the worst of it all, it can lead to death. Likewise, there are creams or ointments that are widely available in the market. However, it must be doctor prescribed.

Tips On How To Prevent A Heat Rash

Heat rash can be prevented in so many and easiest ways. First and foremost, be sure to dress lightly as possible, most especially during summer months. Never wear tight clothes too. However, light clothes as previously mentioned, must be presentable enough but comfortable. Secondly, to avoid having a heat rash, always make it sure that your skin is cool and dry. Moreover, if you have activities that you will do outside, it is better to do it during the early morning.
Practice good hygiene. This means to say that you keep your skin clean at all times.
Have a cool bath or shower as frequently ass possible to cool your body. Last but not the least, use an oatmeal mix or soap to treat a heat rash.

10 some additional Good Tips to Cure and Prevent Heat Rash

Heat rash is the general name for a variety of skin problems that may arise or worsen with overheating or excessive exposure to heat. Heat rash is more commonly known as prickly heat and miliaria. Other heat rashes may include other body conditions such as hives or heat urticaria as well as sweat retention. Heat rash is commonly prevalent during the hot months of the summer season. It is also common in countries that have humid climates.
Most people can become susceptible to heat rash especially in ideal environments. However there are groups of individuals that are more prone to developing heat rash, including babies and children under the age of four, most athletes and individuals who exercise in humid places and overweight or obese people. Other people who are susceptible to heat rash are the non-ambulatory or bedridden patients. Oven members of the military troops and those with decreased ability to sweat or the absence of it are easy to develop heat rash.

Here are the ten tips and remedies that can cure and prevent heat rash:

1.            First in the list is Chamomile, not the popular tea but the essential oil. Chamomile oil is actually packed with anti-inflammatory properties that are great for curing various skin conditions including rashes. While in the form of tea it is known to have calming properties. It also calms problematic skin when it is used as an essential oil.
2.        Second form of cure for heat rash is the Aloe Vera, which is a therapeutic plant. Aloe Vera is easy to take care and so one can keep the plant in his house as supply for treatment of heat rash in case it occurs.
3.        Oatmeal Bath is a great method to have as a treatment for itchy heat rash. Anyone can sprinkle a good amount of oatmeal into his bath; this will act as an effective calming agent and so is a great means of curing one’s itchy heat rash.
4.        St. John’s Wort is normally used in treating depression, but another use of this natural component is that it can revitalize one’s skin and cure heat rash.
5.        Another important cure for heat rash is baking powder. An affected person must sprinkle some amount of baking powder into his bath, or simple create a paste and apply it to the affected area.
6.        Everyone knows that the olive oil has a reputation of natural cure-all oil. Definitely it can also effectively heal heat rash and even moisturizes the skin to relieve the itch.
7.        Pine Tar Soap is an efficient cure for heat rash for some people who have them. One simply has to use the lather from the soap and apply and rub it into the area of heat rash. Likewise, pine tar has effective moisturizing properties.
8.        One of the simplest and most available of heat rash remedies, ice pack is known to be great in relieving this body condition. All that one has to do is apply ice pack into the affected area, have it numbed and gain relief in a couple of minutes.
9.        Calamine lotion is a natural liquid that possesses powerful soothing and moisturizing properties. It is an effective way of curing itchiness of heat rash.
10.      Lastly, one remedy does not need that anything to be applied in an affected area. For the individual with heat rash, the condition can actually be resolved much faster if he will remain for the meantime in a much cooler environment until the rash subsides and gets healed.

With all these effective remedies and cure for heat rash, it is worth noting that even without any form of treatment, heat rashes are known to be self limiting. Most cases go away often within the day or few days at the most. There are however rare conditions in which rash can be very serious that it requires professional care.


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