Cucumbers – Nutrition facts and Amazing health benefits

Cucumbers are low calorie veggies containing several nutritional benefits including valuable nutrients and hydrating properties. There are huge varieties of cucumber that comes in different colors and shape.


Edible types of cucumbers are used for pickling and slicing.
Slicing cucumber varieties are cultivated to get eaten when they are fresh whereas picking cucumber varieties are used for the salt water jar.
The skin of the slicing cucumbers is thicker than pickling cucumbers. While most of the people considered cucumbers as vegetables the fact is they are a fruit.
Cucumbers come from the plant family of cucurbitaceae that also includes melons and squashes.
Let us see the most important health benefits and nutritional value of cucumbers that everyone should know.
Cucumbers are good natural sources of phytonutrients such as triterpenes, lignans and flavonoids.
These also have anti inflammatory, antioxidant and anti cancer properties according the world’s healthiest benefits. Seeds and skin part of this fruit are nutrition dense parts.
They contain beta carotene, fiber and vitamin A.
Cucumbers are naturally very low in carbohydrates, sodium, calories, cholesterol and fat.
One cup of cucumber slices with its skin contains only 16 calories. People can get 4 percent of their daily potassium, 4 percent of daily vitamin C and 3 percent of daily fiber with a cup of cucumber cubes or slices. 
They also provide considerable amounts of vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A and manganese.
 If you like to practice a healthy and nutritious rich diet, you can check out the nutritional value of cucumbers and include them in your diet plan.
You can also get suggestion from a nutritionist to know how much of cucumber you should take a day.
This low calorie fruit suits everyone from youngsters and older people with cardiac problems as it is heart friendly.
Cucumber is a fruit that has 95 percent of water.
This makes it the best way for people to remain hydrated during the months of summer.
 Anti inflammatory substances in this fruit helps in removing the waste substances from the gut and minimize skin irritation.
Cucumber contains two phytonutrient substances that are associated with anticancer benefits. They are cucurbitacins and lignans that prevent cancer.
People have probably seen women relaxing at spa with cucumber slices placed over their eyes. Cucumbers are used in beauty regimen as they have a soothing and cooling effect that decreases irritation, inflammation and swelling when used topically.
People can place the slices of cucumber on the eyes to decrease morning puffiness and treat sunburn. Vitamin K is very essential for bone health. When compared with men women lose the bone strength more quick.
They can maintain their bone health by taking a cup of cucumber cubes or slices a day. Women who consume more vitamin K can stay away from the risks of hip fracture.
Antioxidants such as vitamin C, manganese and beta carotene in this fruit help people in treating several health issues.
 Eating heart friendly fruits like cucumbers can reduce the risk of health conditions like diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

Interesting facts about cucumber and its nutrition level

Cucumber is one of the veggies helping people to beat the heat during the month of summer.


This is a low calorie vegetable that has more essential nutrients to provide than electrolytes and water.
It is one among the common cultivated crops that is believed to be originated from northern sub-Himalayan plains. This plant is a vine akin to other plants of cucurbita family like gourds, melons, zucchini and squashes.
Cucumber is an easy plant to grow by anyone.
It varies in shape, color and shape and is cultivated in different parts of the world under different climate conditions. In general, it features a crispy, dark green skin with small edible seeds.
 Cucumbers are harvested when they are young and tender before becoming a fruit. When nutritional value of cucumbers is considered people will wonder about its health benefits.
Let us see some notable health benefits of this vegetable.
It is a low calorie vegetable providing only 15 calories per one hundred gram. It does not contain cholesterol and saturated fats.
Cucumber peel is the best dietary fiber source helping people in reducing the constipation and offers them protection against colon cancer by removing the toxic substances from the gut.
Cucumber is a good potassium source and it is an essential intracellular electrolyte.
Potassium is a friendly electrolyte to heart and it helps in bringing a reduction in heart rates as well as blood pressure by countering the effects of sodium.
This vegetable also contains unique anti-oxidants such as a carotene, b carotene, vitamins A, C, lutein and zea xanthin.
These compounds are useful in protecting the body against reactive oxygen species and oxygen derived radicals. The mild diuretic property of cucumber is attributed to low sodium content, potassium and free water.
This helps people in checking high blood pressure and weight gain as well.
Another interesting fact about nutritional value of cucumbers is they have a huge amount of essential vitamin K.
 People can get this nutrition from eating 100 gram of fresh cucumber a day. 
This vitamin has a potential role in strengthening bone as it promotes osteotrophic activity.
 Even it has an established performance in the treatment procedure of Alzheimer’s disease by reducing the neuronal damage in the brain. Here are some useful tips for people to take cucumbers in healthy ways.
They should wash them in running water before they use.
 Even sometimes people will be required to scrub the cucumbers lightly at places where dirt or prickles attached firmly. They have to use a sharp knife to trim the ends as well as rub the ends for removing off-white, sticky and fluid like substance to reduce the bitter taste at its ends.
People can cut them into slices and cubes as they may desire. Fresh and cleaned cucumbers can be enjoyed without any additions.
People who like to practice a healthy diet can add the cubes of cucumbers with other fruits or vegetables in the salad. Thus, they can get the essential nutrients and stay healthy as well.

Write about the nutritional facts of the cucumber


Everyone knows that a cucumber is a healthy vegetable contains several amount of water, vitamins, minerals, and all other nutrients for the different treatments and health benefits. For many centuries, the humans are frequently using cucumbers for the different treatments but they don’t be aware of the detailed nutritional value of cucumbers.
When it comes to the cucumber vegetable’s nutritional facts, it is completely healthy with several amounts of nutrients.
Cucumber’s nutritional profile:
Cucumbers are most generally eaten as a raw vegetable. Sometimes, it can be consumed in the form of juice or pickles.


  • §  As they are low in calories, a half cup of sliced cucumber with the peel contains only eight calories per serving.
  • §  It has only 0.06 grams of total fat per serving.
  • §  It contains only less than 1 g of sugar content.
  • §  As the cucumber is the best nutritious choice, the consumers will get almost ½ g of dietary fiber per half cup serving. Dietary fiber is very much essential nutrient for all humans to slow down your body’s digestion speed of the food. It allows your entire digestion system takes enough time to absorb all necessary nutrients.

Vitamins in a cucumber:


As the best nutritional value of cucumbers, it is rich in many essential vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K as the clotting vitamin.
Vitamin K is very important nutrient to help your blood clot.
Every human requires 90 micrograms of the vitamin K per day. A half cup of sliced raw cucumber or a tumbler of cucumber juice contains 8.5 mg of vitamin K.
When you take cucumber more than 2 times in a day, it will balance your nutritional needs of the body. A half cup of serving sliced cucumbers contains 4 mg of floate to improve the energy in your body.
When it comes to the vitamin C and vitamin A in the cucumber, it has nearly 1.5 milligrams of vitamin C content and 55 international units of the vitamin A content.
Minerals in cucumber:
Cucumbers are very rich in the source of several minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, and etc.
.  It contains nearly 12 mg of phosphorus and 7 mg of magnesium minerals.
  • 2    Cucumber is also rich in calcium content so it contains over 8 mg of calcium.
  • 3.     This vegetable is also rich in potassium content of over 76 mg per half cup serving of the sliced cucumbers.
  • 4.     As the pottasuim acts as an electrolyte, it helps your body conduct electricity. It is also very important to smooth your regular muscle movement and improve the healthy digestive processes. Pottasuim mineral will also help regulating the amount of sodium content in your blood.

5.     The pregnant ladies and the women after the childbirth are recommended eating cucumbers in a daily manner in order to improve your health better.

  • 6.     With the increased amount of water content, cucumbers are very healthy for your overall body functions and healthy living throughout the life.

Health benefits and the nutritional value of cucumbers


A cucumber is a widely cultivated vegetable in different parts all over the world. There are usually three varieties in the cucumber vegetable such as pickling, slicing, and also burpless. The people can consume a cucumber either raw vegetable or in the form of juice. Cucumber is really high nutritious vegetable for the different health issues. The humans regularly eat cucumbers to relieve from body heat and improve the skin. This is a popular vegetable which is rich in potassium content. Drinking cucumber juice or eating raw cucumber vegetable provides the same amount of nutritional benefits to the consumers. It actually helps to reduce the black marks on the face and treats your acne marks very well. Cucumber juice is also highly beneficial since it fights against the different diseases such as blood pressure, cancer, and etc.
Nutritional facts of cucumbers:
A cucumber is very low in the cholesterol, sodium, and the saturated fat levels. It is also the best natural source for the magnesium, vitamin A, phosphorus, pantothenic acid, potassium, vitamin K, and vitamin C. Here are detailed information on the nutritional value of cucumbers vegetable.


  • §  Calories – 8
  • §  Total fat – 0 g
  • §  Saturated fat – 0 g
  • §  Cholesterol – 0 mg
  • §  Sodium – 1 mg
  • §  Total carbohydrate – 2 g
  • §  Sugars – 1 g
  • §  Dietary fiber – 0 g
  • §  Protein – 0 g
  • §  Vitamin A – 1 %
  • §  Iron – 1 %
  • §  Vitamin C – 2 %
  • §  Calcium – 1 %
  • §  Water – 49.5 g

Health benefits of cucumber:


Cucumber has higher quantity of water in it which is to helpful to use this vegetable for the different purposes.
The people who are suffering from the high blood pressure have to drink cucumber juice in a daily manner. You can surely see a gradual decrease in the overall blood pressure level as the result.
At the same time, cucumber also serves a great benefit for the individuals suffering from the obesity and the diabetes.
 It is better consuming one or more cucumber in a day when you have diabetes or obesity problems.
This vegetable contains higher nutritional value and lower calories in order to balance your blood sugar levels and burn unwanted fat. As compared to other snacks in the working or leisure time, it is the best choice because of increased nutritional value of cucumbers.
The persons who work out persistently should drink cucumber juice or eat raw cucumber vegetable regularly to stay away from the dehydration problem as cucumber has electrolyte restoring qualities.
 All these benefits are happened because of the higher amount of water content in the cucumber.
This natural vegetable is also a very good pain reliever especially for the issues like the sore throat.
If anybody is suffering from the sore throat, you have to eat cucumber or drink cucumber juice as it relieves soreness from the throat and gives you great comfort.
You can also treat the inflammation disease with the help of the cucumber because it reduces intensity of the inflammation.




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