Bad Breath: A Good Life Style Habits to fight this

bad breath attaches itself with a derogatory feature of bad hygienic practice and lack of cleanliness.Often a person feels ashamed in social gathering or in personal encounter with individuals because of the foul odor emanating out of his mouth.

In many circumstances we feel helpless when the person facing us tries to distance his body posture at the time we start talking.

Even the so called general medication like using medicated toothpaste prescribed by the physician or dentists suggestions.

Do not make much of a progress for maximum number of people who are suffering from bad breath.

This is because in most cases dental condition is not alone is the cause for causing bad breath, as it is believed by the people.

Our casualness about certain things of good hygienic practice.

a number of bad practices in relation to our health are the main causes behind the foul odor in our mouth. acquiring a good life style habit to fight bad breath can prevent this syndrome to occur for a long run.

Here in this space of article we would try to go into the causes of bad breath in depth and prescribe a guideline in relation to good life style habits to fight bad breath.

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What are the main life style habits causing bad breath?

1) Poor and irregular dental care

One of the major causes of bad breath is the formation of bacteria in the mouth by the left over particles of food which have not been washed properly.(0)

So, for clearing bad breath one needs to clear and wash his mouth and teeth regularly, if the problem still persists. he needs to brush his teeth every time he takes any amount of food.

By making the bad breath replaced by some other means like taking good smelling chewing substances or breath freshing spray won’t help you in the longer run.

Because when the situation giving you strong signal of a disharmony or malfunctioning of some of your bodily organ. You should take serious steps towards its prevention or cure.

2) Food intake and digestion

This is one major area of concern in respect to our modern life style and food habits.

Taking oily, spicy and jun k food and other types chemically treated beverages.{2}

Untimely as well as hectic food intake within the hustle bustle of everyday business of our fast life is the main cause. behind so many, and continuously growing number of liver disorders and malfunctioning of digestive system.

This in turn is one of the important  contributing factor behind the syndrome of bad breath.

When the food is not digested properly it would cause a influx of acid up to our throat and this would cause a foul smell in our mouth. In medical language this is called Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

3) Dry mouth

Many a person are habituated to take breath simultaneously by mouth. This can be caused by breathing problem or long habits acquired from the childhood.

In any case, taking breath by mouth may cause your mouth get dry and dehydrated and this is another cause of bad breath. The syndrome of dry mouth can be caused by other medical reasons like, dehydration, smoking, spitting habit, hyper tension etc.

If you consider each of these causes attentively, the relation with the factors of life style and acquired bad habits is just imminent.

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What can be the good life style habits to fight bad breath?

To acquire a new set of good life style habits to fight bad breath.

We have to make some amount of alteration, replacement and changes in respect to the acquired bad habits and lifestyle factors. most important of which have been mentioned above.

1) Dental cleanliness and dental care

If you regularly brush your teeth two times, preferably  in the morning and after dinner, you can expect to experience quick improvement.{3}

But in accordance to the gravity of the situation this cannot be enough always.

To experience better freshness you can acquire the habit of washing your mouth with any prescribed mouth freshener liquid just after every time you eat something.

2) Dietary and other lifestyle habits

Avoid taking junk or processed or any kind of food which leaves a stress on the digestive mechanism of your body, at least till the time you do not recover from the syndrome of bad breath.

Less quantity of food intake and slow eating are other positive impetuous for your digestive system and good life style habits to fight bad breath.

At least half an hour of light physical work or walking can be effectual for proper digestion of the food . it reduces the GERD or acid influx syndrome enormously.   {4}

We all know the importance of good sleep in the functioning of all our physical mechanism ,and this is more true in case of digestive disorders. and consequent bad breath caused by the acid influx syndrome.

Try to make a timely habit of good 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep which would definitely rejuvenate the body along with your digestive mechanism.

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3) Replacing old regular habits

A good number of people is habit to taken breath by  mouth. And a huge number of people have a bad habit of incessant spitting that causes enormous wastage of saliva ,which is a important body fluid for our digestive mechanism.

If you try to be a little aware of your breathing and spitting habit, you can soon get rid of the problem of dry mouth and consequent bad breath.

Another major area is the habit of smoking and other addictive habits like chewing tobaccos etc. though its not easy, but to acquire good life style habits to fight bad breath, leaving smoking and other orally effective additions is a important step.

The featured habits and their respective suggestions are not exhaustive. but this only shows the most important factors in relation to acquiring good life style habits to fight bad breath.


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