Anaerobic exercise vs. Aerobic |which is best for you?

anaerobic exercise

In this article we are going talk anaerobic exercise vs aerobic.When someone mentions exercising, the first thing that pops-up in mind is running, although exercising includes greater variety of exercises. The four main types of exercises are endurance (aerobic), strength (anaerobic), flexibility (stretching) and balance. In the remaining of the text I will briefly talk about the benefits and the variety of aerobic and anaerobic exercising.



Anaerobic exercise


Anaerobic exercise increases the strength of the muscles and makes them leaner. This kind of exercise involves bursts of activity for short period of time. During anaerobic exercise the body doesn’t use oxygen for producing the required energy, but breaks-down sugars through the process of glycolysis. During this process, besides the carbon dioxide and water, another waste product is lactic acid. In the absence of oxygen, the body cannot clean up the extra hydrogen ion created by the lactic acid, which is the reason for the discomfort in the muscles.


Except of the weight-lifting, part of the anaerobic exercises are sprinting, box-jumps, medicine ball throws, kettle bell swings etc.


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Before you start with anaerobic exercise take these things into consideration:


Get some help

(If you are beginner and don’t know which and how to perform the exercises consult with a physician/trainer at the gym in order to avoid injuries and perform the exercises more efficiently),

start small

start with small weights, this way you won’t put big stress on your muscles, and then gradually increase the weight after you’ll be able to easily perform more than 15 repetition of a certain exercise.

Go slowly

use slow and smooth movements and pay attention on how your muscles feel while performing the exercise

Take a break

Make sure you give at least one day rest between weight-training exercises so you can give your body time to build new muscle tissue.

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Benefits Anaerobic exercise

When the strength training is properly performed it can provide significant benefits and improvements for the overall health and well-being. Some of those benefits include improvement of bone density which lowering the risk of osteoporosis; improvement of your body composition and getting greater percentage of muscle mass, which boosts your metabolism and gives you a toned appearance; developing strong muscles and connective tissues will help your body to move more efficiently and will decrease the chances of getting injury; getting greater strength which will improve your overall quality of life and provide you with more stamina.

Aerobic exercise


Aerobic, or endurance, exercise increases the breathing and the heart rate. This kind of exercise keeps the heart, lungs, and circulatory system healthy and improves the overall fitness. When the heart muscle becomes stronger and more efficient it can pump larger amount of blood with each heartbeat.

The word aerobic means “in presence of oxygen”. This means that oxygen is being used during the energy-generating process. When you do aerobic exercises your muscles use oxygen to produce the energy you need to perform those exercises. The byproducts of aerobic exercising are carbon dioxide and water, which are expelled through breathing and sweating.


Some types of aerobic exercise are: jogging, swimming, biking, hiking, dancing etc. Elder couple exercising in the park


Experts recommend aerobic exercise 3-5 times per week with duration of 20-60 minutes. Low-intensity aerobic exercise that last at least 45 minutes are ideal for weight loss, while higher intensity aerobic exercise with duration of about 20-30 minutes are enhancing the cardiovascular endurance. Lately, some researches show that high intensity interval training (HIIT) is the best aerobic exercise for losing body fat, especially if it’s done during fasted state.

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Benefits of regular aerobic exercise

1.Stronger heart

The heart is enlarged and strengthens so it can improve its pumping efficiency and reduce its resting rate.

2.Increased number of red blood cells

This is due to the increased need of oxygen transportation throughout the body.

3.Improved muscle health

Aerobic exercises stimulate the growth of capillaries which increase the efficiency of delivering oxygen to the muscles and removing the waste products from them.

4.Improved immune system

Regular aerobic exercise activates the immune system and prepares it to easily fight off infections.

5.Improved mental health

Studies show that aerobic exercise promotes the release of endorphins which help with the reducing of stress, anxiety and depression.

6.Increased stamina

Regular aerobic exercise will increase your stamina over time and reduce the levels of fatigue), elevated mood (when you perform aerobic exercise, feel-good chemicals are released in the brain, which are the reason for boosting your mood afterwards

7.Weight loss

Combined with anaerobic exercise and proper diet, aerobic exercise can lead to weight loss.

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P.S. Before you start performing any kind of exercise always warm-up for 5-10 minutes, and when you finish with your exercising perform cool-down exercises for another 5-10 minutes. This will help you prevent injuries.


And ladies, don’t be afraid of the weight-room. Get in there at least 2 times per week, use smaller weights and exercise all the major group muscles. It will help you tone your muscles and get sexed-up.


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