8 most effective Home Remedies to Get Fair skin in 15 minute

Fair skin is a blessing. A person with fair skin and average features definitely looks beautiful, however, dull complexion with good features do not vouch for compliments. Girls are always conscious about their beauty and good looks. When it comes to these aspects, complexion counts at the top. Someone has inked that “Beauty is whatever gives joy.” Undoubtedly, who is not happy with fair skin? I have seen several girls worry about their complexion. In a country like India where girls’ beauty is considered one of the greatest things she must have, it becomes necessary to keep track of the complexion.
8 most effective Home Remedies to Get Fair skin in 15 minute

Even in the modern era, we have millions of families in our country that reject girls with dull or dusky skin when it comes to the sensitive topic of marriage. Besides such pathetic issues, skin care becomes important without putting attention on any reason. After all, it is your body and it’s your responsibility to make it look beautiful. During the winter season, skin becomes dark and dull and we start losing glow. It becomes crucial to combat such problems and keep the skin glowing. Every girl weaves dreams of a mirror-like clear skin.  Dull complexion is just opposite to their dream and hence consciousness obsesses their mind. And why not, getting a glowing, blemishless, and clear skin is one of the toughest things in the world. Well, no need to worry about complexion as we have brought some amazingly effective home remedies.

Try this effective home remedies for your fair skin

Exfoliate the Skin
Exfoliating the skin regularly is quite important. No, don’t get it wrong! Here, the term regular refers to twice a week and not every day. It simply helps you eliminate the dead skin and get a glow on it. You can use papaya, apricot, and other good readymade scrubs. Or it’s perfect if you prepare scrub at home and use it.
Use Wheat Flour
There is no doubt that home remedies are the best. With the help of thick liquid made with wheat flour, you can remove tanning from the skin. In order to prepare a liquid, take one or two spoons of flour, mix water until it becomes a thick juice, apply on your face and neck. Wash with cold water once it dries. Remember, you do not speak or smile while the pack is on your face.

Apply Orange Peel
Yep, it’s true that you must not drop those orange peels into the waste bin. Collect the peels and let them dry in shadow. Once it becomes hard, put it into a mixer and grind. Your pack is ready. Apply this pack every day by making a paste of this powder and rose water. You can also mix honey, milk, or olive oil, depending on your skin tone. Honey and oil do not go well with oily skin. Moreover, this paste becomes more effective with the use of sandal and fullers earth powder.
Apply a Layer of Honey
If your skin is not sensitive to honey, it is an amazing solution to moisturize the skin. Take little honey, add few drops of lemon juice, mix well, and apply the mixture on face, neck, and arms. You can do it twice a day for rapid results. This application gives a surprising glow to the skin and improves the skin texture in a few days.
Consume Tomato Juice
Fruit or vegetable juices are always awesome. Did you know drinking tomato juice is among the best ways to get glowing skin? If you add tomato juice to your daily intake, you are assured to get a radiant glow skin with no scars, marks or blemishes.
Use Papaya Face Mask
So, as you have heard about papaya as a skincare product many times. Start using it from today in the form of a face mask. Papaya enzyme of this fruit does wonders with the help of its properties that brighten the complexion. In order to use it, you only need to mash the papaya pulp and apply it on the skin. Eating papaya every day also does the same.
Consume Orange Juice
Including orange juice to your daily diet or even applying it on face brightens the skin. The reason behind it is Vitamin C present in orange that keeps the skin healthy. Moreover, it also works as a natural bleach.

Put a Layer of Gram Flour and Turmeric on Face

In our country, it is a ritual to apply gram flour and turmeric pack before marriage. And it is not done just to perform a ritual; a paste actually does miracles. If you apply this pack on your face and neck on a daily basis, it will remove blackheads and blemishes on the skin. So what you get in return is a radiant glow on your face. Whether you are going to get married or not, apply it and feel amazing.
Drink Triphala & Aloe vera Juice
Triphala is made of three important herbs, Harar, bahera, and Alma. Different brands substitute one or two of these with other ‘good for skin’ herbs. A mixture of 40 ml Triphala juice and an equal amount of aloe Vera juice with water benefits your skin. Triphala basically keeps the stomach clean and hence the marks and blemishes on your face remove naturally. Drink this mixture every morning on an empty stomach. In the beginning few days, you may feel that it is causing loose motions; however, it actually cleans your stomach. Once you are used to it, you will feel amazing and see changes on your face. It also keeps you active all day long. It is good to add lukewarm water to this juice.
Now that you are aware of some of your kitchen ingredients that work excellently for your face, pick them and get a ravishing skin texture. You no more need to be conscious of dull or dark complexion. You are going to look like a fairy in a few days.

Get so many compliments, live a beautiful, healthy, and confident life.


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